June 5, 2019

Louisville Industrial Photography – Slugger Museum

Sniper Photo, LLC specializes in Louisville Industrial Photography. As a result, we were called upon to snap some photos of the newly renovated Louisville Slugger Museum factory tour. People don’t realize that the bats are actually made in the same factory that the tour takes place in. Having walked the tour several times in the past, it was great to see the new additions.

The tour is divided into several parts. During your walk through the factory you get to see the creation of a Louisville Slugger baseball bat from start to finish. Once the tour has ended, guests will be able to access several interactive exhibits before exiting via the gift shop. One of my favorite displays is the bat carving station. Not sure what this is technically called, but a guy sits at a lathe and spins a chunk of wood while carving a bat. Most importantly, wood chips flying everywhere. This made for some very cool pics!

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