Lifestyle Photography

Personal branding for REAL people.
Shooting head shots in our studio is great, but doesn't always convey the entire story of the subject. This is where the
Lifestyle Portrait, AKA "On Location" or "Environmental Portrait" fits in. Lifestyle Portraits go beyond the simple studio head shot by involving a unique setting that helps to describe a person. Each portrait gives a glimpse into the personality of the subject helping to illustrate their hobby, profession or position in their company. Editorial Portraits also have more latitude for artful use of lighting, composition and depth of field.
Are you a Chef? Let us photograph you in your kitchen. Do you pour a mean craft cocktail? Are you a master bourbon distiller? How about a home builder? We can photograph you in whatever unique setting that best tells YOUR story. Think of this type of photo shoot as your very own magazine style photo spread. Flip through your favorite magazine and look for images that focus on individuals. THIS is a Lifestyle Portrait session.

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