May 11, 2017

Oaks and Derby Photographers – Marketing & Event Photography

FILED IN: Kentucky Derby

Sniper Photo, LLC – Your onsite Oaks and Derby Photographers! We specialize in marketing photography for YOUR business. With over 15 years experience in photographing marketing and ad campaigns at Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby and Oaks.

Each year, we take on several of the largest corporate Derby sponsors as our clients. This year, we snapped photos for Stella Artois. Stella was looking for beauty shots of their various bar installations throughout Churchill Downs. They also wanted crowd interaction photos. I can’t think of a better place for this type of photography! The Kentucky Derby always brings in HUGE crowds of people looking to have a great time. Stella Artois constructed a HUGE lounge in the first turn of Churchill Downs. This area had tons of swanky seating as well as a giant bar stocked with plenty of Stella!

If your company is in need of Oaks and Derby photographers, please give Sniper Photo, LLC a shout. We would love to work with you!