Louisville, KY photographers specializing in event photography, commercial photography, editorial photography and corporate head shots. We help your business succeed through the use of creative photography. Serving the Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Nashville & Columbus areas for over 12 years.

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We shoot other things as well... 
Sniper Photo, LLC ( focuses on providing unique event photography coverage to the Louisville, KY area and beyond. We frequently photograph events in Lexington, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. We have traveled all over the country to provide commercial photography services. If you're in one of the BIG cities in the US, run your project past us. You might find our commercial photography "Day Rate" plus travel is STILL more cost effective than using someone local.
Sniper Photo, LLC offers a bevy of commercial photography services to fit your unique business needs. Yeah, we actually used the word "bevy". We don't shoot Weddings or Family Portraits. Our main focus is helping you make more money through the use of creative photography and videography. We've built long lasting relationships with many of our corporate clients that have lasted for years and have the referrals to back that up. We believe in lightning fast turnaround time. Images processed and delivered within 24 hours in most cases. Same day turnaround time also available! No need to keep you in suspense. 
Sniper Photo, LLC shoots with the very best gear currently available to insure top notch quality. Redundancy is paramount. Did I mention we have back up gear for our back up gear! We do not know what "equipment failure" is. This philosophy also carries over to our editing process. All image files are backed up in multiple places to ensure we never lose a photo. We love to have fun, but delivering your images on time and under budget is our first priority.

Sniper Photo:

We Like to Shoot People!


I guess this is where I toot my own horn and write about myself in 3rd person...

I know it's hard to believe by looking at a photo of this fetching fella, but Ryan Armbrust is actually an award winning, internationally published photojournalist and commercial photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky. 
Specializing in environmental portraiture and event photography, he is always looking for a unique way of capturing his subjects...


Britt has been a full time member of Sniper Photo for 8 years.
 She helps keep our clients laughing during our photo shoots. I guess you could say that Britt is our resident GOOF BALL! 
Britt also handles all of our hair and makeup needs if required for a shoot. Guys, don't freak out if she comes at-cha with her powder brush! It's OK to "shine" on camera, 
we just don't want you "shiny"! 
Britt is also an accomplished photographer and shoots projects for Sniper Photo as well. 

Hey there!

MEET Britt

MEET Shanna

Shanna has a been a professional photographer for the past 7 years specializing in event photography as well as portraiture. She's goofy and fun, always managing to draw that out of the people she is photographing. You might see Shanna at events assisting Ryan or shooting jobs solo. 

Well Hello There!

Event Coverage

Event Coverage is "our thing"! Over our many years of providing Event Coverage to the Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati markets, we have developed a unique lighting style that enables us to capture stunning, unique images of your event. We provide Event Videography as well. Turn around time is lightning fast. We deliver all images no later than the morning after the event. Photos will be uploaded to a password protected on-line viewing gallery that can be distributed by you to your guests. We also provide you with a digital download file of the images.

Shooting in our studio is great, but doesn't always convey the entire story of the subject. This is where the Environmental Portrait, AKA On Location Portrait fits in. Environmental Portraits go beyond the simple studio head shot by involving a unique setting that helps to describe the person. The portrait gives a glimpse into the personality of the subject helping to illustrate their hobby, profession or position. Environmental Portraits also have more latitude for artful use of lighting, composition and depth of field. 

Editorial Portraits

In today's market, image is everything. 
A professional Head Shot or Corporate Portrait is important to your overall branding. We offer both in studio as well as on location services. We can set up a complete studio in your office, hotel or conference area. We can provide professional head shots of each employee, on site. Think of it as "school picture day" for adults! We are available to photograph your Corporate Portrait at any location that you see fit. We want to make this super boring thing as fun and efficient as possible. 

Head Shots

You've worked hard building your latest and greatest products, slaved over the hot stove creating your next culinary masterpiece. 
Don't let just anyone snap photos of your products!
We provide both in studio as well as on locations photography for any type of food or product. We can photograph your products on a solid white backdrop or in their "natural habitat". 
Full art direction and concept creation available.  

Food & culinary Photography

We help our clients gain tangible, measurable business benefits from their marketing and communications activities via creative photography.  We make sure that your Brand Activation grabs your audience's attention and lets them know in a memorable way who you are and why they should support you. Ideally, we help generate enthusiasm beyond the moment that leads to action on behalf of your consumers.
Brand Activation...

Brand Activation

Let Sniper Photo showcase the hard work that went into your company's Trade Show or Convention booth design with still photography and/or video. Timelapse Video of your booth not only looks cool but is helpful for revealing the overall traffic flow and interaction of your booth. A great way to build social media presence is to include a social media photo booth, complete with company branding. We do that as well! Please contact us with any special Trade Show or Convention coverage requests. We frequently shoot at the Louisville Convention Center as well as the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Convention & Trade Show Photography

Sniper Photo provides manufacturing facility photography as well as industrial workplace photos. We have all necessary safety equipment and are aware of the details needed to safely capture photos of your facility. We work in a non obtrusive way, so as not to interrupt the flow of production. If you have a need for this type of photography, please give us a shout.

Manufacturing & Industrial Photography

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