May 28, 2017

Event Photography with the brand new Sony A9 camera

OK Kids!
When the Sony A7Rii was announced, I got very excited. I loved the idea of using a mirrorless system camera for my corporate event photography. I bought the camera when it was released and quickly sold it. I hated that it didn’t have dual card slots for file redundancy and super mega hated that it did not have half of the buttons I needed to quickly change the camera for shooting in mixed lighting settings.


All of those complaints have been addressed with the new Sony A9 camera.
I received my camera body on release day as well as the battery grip and a Sony G Master 24-70 F2.8 lens and took them directly to a baseball themed outdoor event I had to photograph. Baseball great George Foster was the guest of honor. We also shot a meet and greet as well as baseball signing session. Other than charging the battery and programming a few of the custom buttons to useful items I needed during an event, the camera was unused. Controls are very straight forward. I didn’t find myself fumbling to find buttons like I did on the A7Rii.

Battery life was also a major concern. I snapped 943 photos during this event and had 48% battery life left. That was on just one of the batteries in the battery grip. So, not worried about battery life. Granted, it does not have the battery life of my Nikon D5, but its manageable.

I need to dial back the red tones a bit and knock down the sharpness, but overall I am impressed with the A9 and will probably use it as part of my event workflow. I LOVED having a tilting screen! I can not stress this enough. Also, the ability to send a few pics right over to the company that hired me for social media posting is a huge plus.

Enough talk, here are a few photos. Shot JPEG, resized and watermark added. No other adjustments made.