May 4, 2019

Kentucky Derby Red Carpet 2019 – Louisville Photographer

The Kentucky Derby Red Carpet took place today and Sniper Photo was there to photograph it. The red carpet entrance of Churchill Downs is where all of the celebrities arrive on Kentucky Derby Day. Limos and fancy cars pull up to a special entrance area, packed full of security. Once out of their cars, they are led to the red carpet walk. The grand entrance wasn’t for everyone,  some opted to avoid the Kentucky Derby Red Carpet all together. If celebs didn’t want to catch the pubic eye, they could take a super secret walkway that was created just behind the actual celebrity entrance.

Photo Nerd Notes:

This year, I was shooting the red carpet as well as all of my other Derby events with the new Panasonic Lumix system camera. So which lens did I use for the photos posted? The 24-105 Lumix lens! Facial recognition focus mode did amazingly well. Auto white balance NAILED the color tones and white balance in every photo. ISO 1600 and F4 round out my settings. Skin tones out of the Lumix S1 are simply amazing! Zero complaints about this camera. The Lumix S1 did outstanding while shooting this super fun event.

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