May 10, 2019

Derby Day Photographer – Corporate Group Photography

As a Derby Day Photographer, I find myself receiving a large variety of photo shoots on Louisville’s biggest weekend. In year’s past, I have photographed several brand activations for worldwide companies, marketing and social media photos & videos. Additionally, we offer private party and corporate group photography.

Private Kentucky Derby group photographer for hire

A private group hired me this year to cover their various Derby and Oaks festivities. Members of this group flew into Louisville from all over the country. Once in town, they also attended several dinners and events. On Oaks and Derby Days, they had reserved a Jockey Club Suite close to the finish line. If you’ve never been to the Jockey Club Suites, you’re missing out. Guests want for nothing. Each suite has a private balcony, bartender etc… Due to Louisville’s crazy and unpredictable weather, having full climate control in each suite might be the best part.

This year’s clients hired me for both Oaks Day and Derby Day. I photographed them in their suite as well as around Churchill Downs. I have photographed various things at Churchill Downs on Derby Weekend. As a result, I know all of the quick and easy routes to move groups through the crowds. Photos were taken trackside, under the famous Twin Spires as well as in the Paddock area.  I wanted to capture a variety of candid shots that showed the excitement this group had on Derby Day. Iconic locations were visited so we could take posed shots as well as group photos.

Photo Nerd Notes:

I used the brand new Lumix S1 camera to take all of the photos for this year’s Derby and Oaks. The 24-105 F4 Lumix lens as well as the 70-200 Lumix/Leica and the 50mm Lumix/Leica lenses were an absolute dream. Sharpness was never an issue.

Derby Day Cigar

This might be my FAVORITE shot I snapped all of Derby weekend. Yes, we used fake cash to stage this shot.