September 25, 2019

Churchill Downs Event Photographer – Corporate Event

Churchill Downs Event Photographer

Corporate event photography is our specialty. As an Event Photographer, we get hired by various companies to capture both setup shots as well as event photos. The goal of today’s photo shoot was to snap setup photos for a large corporate event in Paddock Plaza as well as the Stakes Room areas of Churchill Downs. Churchill is the perfect venue for corporate events. The rich history mixed with modern amenities makes it a very popular choice. We love photographing events here. Sniper Photo has photographed every Kentucky Derby for the past 15 years. As a result, we know our way around this HUGE property. Knowing how to get around Churchill Downs is half the battle. Knowing where all of the amazing photo spots are located is the other. We know Churchill Downs REALLY well!

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We provide event setup photography. Let us showcase all of that hard work you did designing and planning your event. Once the event starts, we go into event coverage photography mode. We also provide videography services as well as “Red Carpet” style photography.