October 3, 2019

Louisville Portrait Photographer – Masonic Homes Wood Shop

As a Louisville Portrait Photographer, I often find myself on assignment with amazing people. Today I was on location in the wood shop at Masonic Homes of Kentucky. A magazine article will be published soon containing a story on the two Gentlemen I photographed. One of the awesome things that Masonic Homes of Kentucky tries to do is to make each resident feel completely at home. Many of the residents enjoyed wood working. As a result, a professional wood shop was added to the Frankfort Avenue campus.

During the photo shoot, one of the guys brought out a piece that he made covered in dust. He went to clean it off, but I stopped him right before he dusted it. I asked him to blow the dust off on the count of three. ONE… TWO… THREE… As soon as he blew, the dust went flying. 2 Flashpoint AD200 Pro strobes were used in 36″ octaboxes. The Lumix S1R with Lumix 50mm F1.4 lens was used.

Action always makes for an awesome environmental portrait.

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