January 12, 2022

South East Industrial Photographer – Schneider Electric

Sniper Photo, LLC is a South East Industrial Photographer offering photo and video services throughout the US. Our specialty is photographing your workforce in their unique environments. It’s our goal as Industrial Photographers and Videographers to capture your entire manufacturing process.

Warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities are built for efficiency, not beauty. It’s our main focus to make your facility look its best. We do this through the use of creative lighting. In a few of the images below, you will find some behind the scenes photos. We travel with a special, purpose built, lighting and production cart. By doing so, we can capture still photos and videos quickly, safely and efficiently. We want to snap pictures without disrupting your daily business. To do this, proper lighting is key. Many times we find ourselves shooting in environments with industrial task lighting. Although great for the workers, it’s not always best for photography. That’s why we light our photos with mobile studio lighting.

As a South East Industrial Photographer, our focus is photographing industry in all shapes and sizes. No photography job is too big for us! If you are in the need of professional photography to showcase your workforce or to show your manufacturing process, give us a shout.

We also have a dedicated website for our industrial photography. Visit us at for me!


Below you will find a few of the HUNDREDS of images we delivered to Schneider Electric.

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