Professional industrial photography is crucial for excelling in your competitive sector. Our goal as professional industrial photographers is to accurately depict the technology, innovation and hard work while showcasing your whole industrial process. Sniper Photo provides manufacturing facility photography, large scale distribution center photography and industrial workplace photos. Our industrial photography services can help explain your entire manufacturing, production and distribution process from start to finish. 

Many of our clients choose to show the human side of their industrial operation by using our professional photography to capture documentary style images of their skilled work force. Photographs can be lit and processed to highlight key areas of your manufacturing or production process. For busy or hazardous environments, we can photograph your plant, machinery and people without additional lighting or disruption to your ongoing work. We have all necessary safety equipment (PPE) and are aware of the details needed to safely capture photos of your facility. 

Industrial photography might be the most challenging form of photography that we offer! This type of photography  encompasses several distinct elements. If your goal is to convey a manufacturing process, we must capture everything from your end product to the whole of the surrounding environment in which it was produced. With that in mind, we must be as skilled in studio product photography as in engineering the larger context shots which often require complex lighting and technology – all while creating as little disruption as possible to your industrial process itself. Industrial photography depicts a story, whether a manufacturing process or the development of a product from its inception to completion. 

Our cameras can capture images up to 147 megapixels, giving a very high level of detail. We carry the latest self contained, battery operated lighting equipment currently available. This makes it easy, quick and safe when working in industrial factories. No need to run cables to our lighting equipment. This enables more creative lighting techniques where natural and available lighting is simply not adequate, while at the same time removing any possible trip hazards. We can use these same studio quality photography lights to setup a product photography studio onsite. We understand that many times, your products simply can not be hauled into our studio for photographing...

From large organizations and heavy industrial environments to smaller workplaces and highly skilled artisans, we work with a wide range of businesses and love the variety that industrial photography brings. We work closely with your management teams to understand the production process. Our goal is to create eye-catching and relevant images for corporate brochures, trade show displays, training manuals, editorial and online usage. Many of our clients have us print large, high definition photo prints for display in their conference rooms, lobbies, board rooms etc… We can print in any custom size up to 8’ wide on several different substrates. 

In addition to industrial photography services, we also offer a full array of video services. These include training video creation, time lapse video and interior drone videography.

Our team is based out of Louisville, Kentucky and is available for nation-wide travel. We serve clients all over the Midwest and Southeast. If you're looking for an industrial and manufacturing photographer in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio or Tennessee, you're in luck! We love to travel and aren't afraid to do it!

Stand-Out Imagery

Detailed Planning

High-Quality Service

Nationwide Service

Always on Budget

Fast Delivery

Custom high–quality and effective imagery depicting your specialized processes, applications,  products and people.

We make sure we understand exactly what needs to be captured as well as how you are using the final images.

We provide exceptional service that’s professional and dependable while staying within your budget. 

We offer a customizable pricing structure based upon "half day" and "full day" rates.

Ready to publish images delivered in most cases within 48 hours. Lightning fast turnaround to help you meet your deadlines.

Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, we provide service to clients all over the US. 

Wanting to showcase your company's manufacturing process in a truly unique way? We offer interior drone videography. Using a specialized drone, purpose built for capturing unique interior drone videography, we can fly through your entire industrial facility. This allows us to capture a unique video of your entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Our purpose build drone is small and nimble. Because of this, we are able to safely fly this drone THROUGH machinery!  We have been flying remote control helicopters for over 25 years and drones since they first were introduced. Our drone piloting skills enable us to perform very complexed moves throughout your facility. 

Industrial Interior Drone Videography

Ways to use industrial interior drone videos:

-Use our eye catching industrial drone videos to draw potential clients into your trade show booth.

-Our Drone videos look amazing on your website and social media.

-Showcase your entire manufacturing process in a unique way. Help explain to clients that might not fully understand your process.

-Use our industrial drone videos as a training aid.

-Drone videos showcasing your manufacturing process look amazing in your waiting room.

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