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Shooting Headshots in our studio is great, but doesn't always convey the entire story of the subject. This is where a Personal Branding Photo Shoot fits in! Personal Branding Portraits go beyond the simple studio Headshot by involving a unique setting that helps to describe a person. This style of photography is PERFECT for Personal and Business Branding! Each portrait gives a glimpse into the personality of the subject helping to illustrate their hobby, profession or position in their company. Personal and Business Branding Portraits also have more latitude for artful use of lighting, composition and depth of field.

"Branding Photography" is a relatively new term that is being used specifically to describe branding for small business owners. It’s the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as a brand. Each small business needs to attract exactly the right clients to survive and flourish. How you are perceived by your ideal clients is therefore critical and while we can’t control what people think, we can certainly shape it. This is the role of Personal Branding. It provides the framework for communicating the WHO, WHAT & WHY of your business.

Branding Photography is the creation of a gallery of branding images that help tell the story of you and your brand. Our branding photos are carefully styled and crafted to show the people behind the brand as well as the actual product or service that is offered. Our goal is to create images that are authentic but also inspiring. Booking a Personal Branding Photo Shoot is a very important investment in your business. Your personalized photo shoot should be planned carefully to ensure you get a fabulous range of images that you can use across all your communication channels in print and screen resolution. Your photo shoot will include some headshots, but will ultimately delve much deeper into how it feels to work with you.

Are you a Chef? Let us photograph you in your kitchen. Do you pour a mean craft cocktail? Are you a Master Bourbon Distiller? Hair Stylist?  How about a Home Builder? We can photograph you in whatever unique setting that best tells YOUR story. Think of this type of photo shoot as your very own magazine style photo spread.

Personal Branding Photos are for those who know they need a headshot, but want something a little different. Something more exciting!


• Personal planning session to figure out our "day of shoot" timeline. We will determine the total look and vibe that you're going for. We will also discuss the photo shoot locations as well.

• We want you to look your very best! Blemish removal, teeth whitening and softening of any wrinkles.
We call it Photoshop, you'll call it magic!
• A password protected online viewing gallery of your final images with FULL COMMERCIAL USAGE RIGHTS. Use the images any way you please. We encourage you to show them off as much as possible!

All Personal Branding Photo Shoots Include:

Personal Branding Videos




Yes, we shoot those as well! Personal Branding videos help show your potential client exactly who you are and what you do. Custom video content is a great addition to your website, social media, email campaigns & more...
We can provide custom branding videography services to highlight yourself or your small business. Our branding video services include everything from simple one camera interviews all the way up to larger, multi camera shoots.

• Describe your product or service
• Show your snazzy office or shop to the world
• Give an inside peek into your life and personality
• Teach a skill or class

• 1 Hour Photo Shoot
• 1 Location
• 20-ish Final Images
• $600

• 2-3 Hour Photo Shoot
• Up to 2 Locations
• 50-ish Final Images
• $1200

• 3-4 Hour Photo Shoot
• Up to 3 Locations
• 50-ish Final Images
• 5 minute Interview Video
• $1750

It's important for us to create the perfect package that works for you. If you have any questions or would like a more custom branding photography session, please give us a shout.

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