January 20, 2019

Louisville Professional Food Photographer for Hire

Louisville Professional Food Photographer for hire. Sniper Photo, LLC provides both in studio as well as on location food photography. Our studio is located on Historic Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, KY. Just steps away from some of Louisville’s best restaurants. If our in studio photography doesn’t fit your creative vision, we can also setup a full studio at your location. This is, by far, the most popular choice. Your dining room becomes the setting to showcase your food items. This method also works great because this is where your chef will be preparing each item. We work with your culinary team to build a shot list as well as a shooting order for your menu. Waste is kept at an absolute minimum. We want to get as many shots as we can, but also want to avoid having remakes from your kitchen.

Our Professional food photography is perfect for your next social media campaign. Professional food photos are also great for showing off the skills of your chefs and culinary team. Have you been snapping cell phone pics of their hard work? It’s time to hire a Louisville professional food photographer. Since we set up a complete studio environment at your restaurant, we can offer REPEATABLE results. We aren’t just a couple of hipsters with a camera! What’s this mean for you? When you cook up new menu options, we can charge you a much lower rate to pop in and update your food photos. No need for us to photograph your entire menu again just to make sure your images all match!

If you’re ready to “step up your game”, it’s time to hire a Louisville professional food photographer.