May 30, 2019

Midnight Star Plays Fourth Street Live – Louisville Photographer

Midnight Star played to a packed house Sunday night at Louisville’s Fourth Street Live. Midnight Star is best known for their hit songs “Freak-a-zoid” and “No Parking on the Dance Floor”. Lots of people were off work due to the holiday weekend, so the place was PACKED!

Fourth Street Live hired us, so we wanted to show the overall feel of the venue as well as the good times people were having by attending a concert there. Concert photography was also taken of Midnight Star, but the main focus was the overall venue experience. The crowd could not stand still once Midnight Star took the stage. I mean, they are responsible for some HIGE dance hits after all… I remember being a husky kid trying to breakdance to Freak-a-zoid! Yeah, picture that for a few seconds.

Here are a few more links to concerts and events we have photographed for Fourth Street Live. We LOVE photographing concerts and events in and around Louisville. If you have an upcoming event that needs photo or video coverage, please give Sniper Photo, LLC a look.

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