August 30, 2019

Corporate Event Photography – Exotic Driving Experience

Sniper Photo, LLC provides corporate event photography to the Louisville and Cincinnati markets. As a result, we often find ourselves snapping pics of unique events. Saturday, we photographed some of Belterra Casino’s VIP guests at Kentucky Speedway. Belterra Casino has been rewarding their guests with “unique experiences”. This event started out with a quick lunch. Next, guests were shuttled to Kentucky Speedway. Several exotic super cars were waiting to be driven around a closed road track. Before anyone climbed behind the wheel, a brief driving lesson was given. After that, VIP guests were allowed several laps in a variety of amazing mid engine super cars. Lots of curves dotted the road coarse. as well as a few longer straight aways. This provided drivers the ability to really open up the cars. Luckily, the cars have HUGE brakes. The curves were very tight and sharp. This kept drivers on their toes.

Among the cars were an Audi, a Mclaren and  a Lambroghini. Personally, I favored the Mclaren. Later in the day I drove the Mclaren around the track. I gotta say, it was a blast to drive.

Lastly, I can not think of a more fun corporate event photography gig.

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