September 3, 2019

Louisville Food and Beverage Photographer – Colorful Drinks

As a Louisville food and beverage photographer, we get to snap photos of some awesome creations! Today’s photo shoot was no exception. Our shoot took us to Stadium Sports Bar and Grill, located inside Belterra Casino. The bar manager wanted to start running a “Drink of the Month” special and needed some cool images for table tents and social media. We had the bartender whip up a few of these drink specials and placed them on the bar. I used a Flashpoint AD200 inside a 36″ octabox to light the drinks from above and slightly to the side. I used another AD200 to backlight them. Lumix S1R and the Leica 70-200 lens were used to photograph each drink.

Bright colors always look great against a dark background. I decided to leave the ambient light on the darker side. This, combined with a nice backlight, really made the colorful drinks pop! To do this, I dragged the camera’s shutter to around 1/30th of a second. All images were shot hand held. The in camera image stabilization is amazing in the Lumix cameras.

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