January 16, 2020

Louisville Business Branding Photography – Conrad Brothers Moving Co.

Louisville Business Branding Photography – Conrad Brothers Moving Co.

Is your company looking for Louisville business branding photography? Sniper Photo, LLC has helped many Louisville businesses rebrand.  Helping improve the overall brand experience through the use of creative photography is our goal.

Today, we drove to Corydon, Indian to snap photos of Conrad Brothers Moving and Storage. New photos were needed for a revamp to their existing website. The company had recently constructed a new building as well. The brand spankin’ new warehouse was a perfect photo shoot location. We started the day with corporate head shots. These were taken of all team leaders. After, we staged a few actions shots of the team working. It’s always a good idea to show the end user what goes on inside a business.

Photos were taken of the company’s moving trucks. This was vital, since Conrad offers moving services of all sizes. We wanted to show the faces behind each move. The people in each photo will be the same folks that show up to your home or business to move your belongings. I felt this was very important to capture. Conrad Brothers also offers storage. For this reason, we chose to photograph the various methods of storage. Overall, we wanted to give anyone visiting their website an inside look at the company.

A lot of fun was had during this shoot. If you’re looking for Louisville business branding photography, please visit our main website for more info.