March 20, 2020

2020 Kentucky Derby Rescheduled to September 5th – Louisville Photographer

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The 2020 Kentucky Derby has been rescheduled!

That’s right folks, the 2020 Kentucky Derby has been rescheduled for September 5th, 2020. Yes, the 2020 Kentucky Derby has been rescheduled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a HUGE deal for all event and hospitality workers. As a Louisville event photographer I always look forward to photographing Derby events for my corporate clients from around the world. This year’s “first Saturday in May” will be my first Saturday in May not working in more than 12 years. The last time the Kentucky Derby wasn’t held on the first Saturday in May was in 1945. The government issued a ban on horse racing because of World War II. The ban was lifted on May 8th 1945, and the Derby was held on June 9. The only other year the Derby wasn’t held in May was in 1901, when it was raced on April 29.

We are now booking photography and videography for this September’s Kentucky Derby.

My hopes are that corporate sponsorships and events also decide to reschedule for September 5th. My business will survive either way, many will not. The city of Louisville depends upon people, and their influx of cash, each Kentucky Derby week. For many small businesses, Derby week makes up a HUGE part of their annual income. I’m not gonna sugar coat it, my business will take a large hit if everyone that I had booked for the original date doesn’t reschedule. As a result, we are currently looking for new clients for this September’s Kentucky Derby. WOW, that was weird to type! Fingers crossed that corporate events and groups are able to make the switch to the September 5th Derby.

Bring out your Fall colors!

On the bright side, I am very much looking forward to snapping totally different looking Derby photos this year! Tradition has always dictated bright spring colors be worn by everyone in attendance. I’m trying to picture the stands at Churchill Downs packed full of folks decked out in their finest Fall colors. For once, Derby photos will truly look different.

Here are a few of my Kentucky Derby pics from previous years. Hope to see everyone in September!