Sniper Photo provides manufacturing facility photography as well as industrial workplace photos. Our industrial photography services can help explain your entire process from start to finish. Many of our clients choose to show the human side of their industrial operation by using our professional photography to capture documentary style images of their skilled work force. Photographs can be lit and processed to highlight key areas of your manufacturing or production process. For busy or hazardous environments, we can photograph your plant, machinery and people without additional lighting or disruption to your ongoing work. We have all necessary safety equipment and are aware of the details needed to safely capture photos of your facility. 

Our cameras can capture images up to 147 megapixels, giving a very high level of detail. We carry the latest self contained, battery operated lighting equipment currently available. This makes it easy, quick and safe when working in industrial factories. No need to run cables to our lighting equipment. This enables more creative lighting techniques where natural and available lighting is simply not adequate, while at the safe time removing any possible trip hazards. Low altitude aerial drone photography is also available, giving a "bird's eye" view of your manufacturing process. In addition to still photos, we also offer video capture as well as time lapse video.

From large organizations and heavy industrial environments to smaller workplaces and highly skilled artisans, we work with a wide range of businesses and love the variety that industrial photography brings. We work closely with your management teams to understand the production process. Our goal is to create eye-catching and relevant images for corporate brochures, trade show displays, training manuals, editorial and online usage. Many of our clients have us print large, high definition photo prints for display in their conference rooms, lobbies, board rooms etc… We can print in any custom size up to 8’ wide on several different substrates. 

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