December 6, 2019

Louisville Time Lapse Photographer – Belterra Casino Poinsettia Tree

Louisville Time Lapse Photographer – Belterra Casino Poinsettia Tree

Louisville Time Lapse Photographer

What is Time Lapse Photography?

Looking for a Louisville time lapse photographer! What exactly does a time lapse photographer do you might ask? We photograph things that happen over several hours or days and make them interesting to watch. Time lapse videos are created by taking a series of images at set intervals of time. After we capture all of the photos, the process of editing and combining the images into a final video begins. Time-lapse photography captures long and amazing processes or events and turns them into consumable, minutes-long videos showcasing a project or event. Time lapse videos are the answer to marketing a product with an intense and specific process. Most importantly, our goal is to capture motion that may be otherwise overlooked and under-appreciated. Producing unique clips and timed movements requires lots of math. We are always up for a good challenge!

Our Time Lapse Process

As a Louisville time lapse photographer, I like to photograph my time lapse videos using at least two cameras. Many times, I use more depending upon the scale of the job.

Lumix S1 cameras with external battery packs are my weapon of choice. With these cameras, I can shoot in 6k resolution. By shooting at such a high resolution, I can crop the files as needed before outputting to a final 4k video. Motion elements are added by using camera sliders. We always add movement via camera sliders and special motor drives. I think this adds a lot of interest to the final video. The motor moves the camera at a VERY slow pace along a track. Pan and tilt motors provide 3 axis camera moves. Cameras can be moved in any direction, and at any speed, via the programmable drive motors. If we are shooting a time lapse that takes place over just a few hours of time, we can get pretty creative with our camera movements.

The video below took 9 hours to shoot. The facilities crew at Belterra Casino constructs this huge poinsettia tree the day after Thanksgiving each and every year. Over 700 individual potted plants were used to complete the project.

If you’re considering time lapse photography for your upcoming project, give us a shout!