July 22, 2021

Louisville Commercial Food Photographer – It’s Burger Time!

Louisville Commercial Food Photographer specializing in F&B photography.

Today, we packed up and headed to Cincinnati to photograph some tasty burgers for Belterra Park. Each month, a new burger will be featured. All of today’s photos will be used as POS material on signage in and around the restaurant. I’m sure several pics will also make their way to social media. We wanted to shoot each item with a simple, black backdrop. This really showcased each food item. Chef Josh from Belterra Park prepared several amazing burgers for us to photograph. I’m always a fan of three types of meat on a single bun!

Images were shot at a whopping 60 megapixel size using my Sony A7RIV camera. As a result, this allows for several cropping options. When shooting commercial photography, giving your client cropping options is very helpful. Since we were shooting in a dimly lit area, studio lighting was used. My “go-to” on location lighting is always the Profoto B10’s. By using simple Octaboxes with the Profoto B10’s, I was able to soften the light while still allowing some texture.

Being a Louisville Commercial Food Photographer has many perks. Eating the food after, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. I always make sure the food is prepped somewhat differently for my photoshoots. Many times, this makes it inedible. TOO BAD! These burgers look amazing!


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